Things to consider when choosing your next holiday

It is that time of year again. To start planning your next holiday. This is normally an exciting time because you are starting to look for your next destination. However, you might be stuck as well. Don’t know what destination to choose. However, this doesn’t mean that you should cancel your holiday. It just means that you should read here, and decide what type of holiday you are looking for. Then, you will be able to choose the best holiday destination for your next trip.

Your budget and time of a holiday

This is the first thing that you should consider when choosing your next holiday destination. What is your available budget and when are you planning the holiday?

This is important to consider because your budget will make the decision on where you want to go easier. Some countries are really expensive to visit, while others are cheaper. If you are going during the school holidays, or during summer, then you might pay more for going to certain countries. This is why you should consider the time of year as well. If your budget is limited, then you want to look for holidays in countries that aren’t that expensive.

What experience are you looking for?

Are you looking for a relaxing holiday or a holiday full of adventure? Or, are you one of those that are in love with old historical buildings? This will also make the decision a lot easier if you know what type of holiday are you looking for. Some people are always looking for the same type of holiday, such as myself. I work at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company, and it’s hard work, but it pays good! So I go for a relaxing holiday where I don’t have to do much.

While others are looking for holidays that are different and give different experiences. If you know the type of holiday that you are considering, you will know where to start looking

Is it a family vacation or a romantic getaway?

The last thing to consider, to decide on your next holiday. Is it going to be a family vacation or a romantic getaway? These are the things to consider when you are planning your next holiday. A family vacation needs to be family orientated and fun to do.

These are the things to consider when you are planning your next holiday. These are how you can decide your destination, the time of year that you need to go and your available budget. This is going to make your next holiday, a holiday to remember for a long time.

How to get upgraded to First class free on your next flight

Despite whom you are or what you do, you can be one of those lucky fliers that will get an upgrade free. There are many things that you need to do to be among the few. Here are some of the tips to help you clinch it

1. Arrive early

Showing up early at the Lounge and politely requesting an upgrade to first class for free might be the only tactic that you need to get yourself flying luxuriously. Arriving before the crowds starts to build up can be the best strategy to get the agents attention. It will place you ahead and top the game especially if only a few best seats can be available in the specific flight.

2. Dress smart casual

Dress in a professional manner if you’re in to clinch that first class seat for free. You do not necessarily have to wear a suit. The aim is to look like you belong to the high society. A beautiful cashmere sweater or a classy linen jacket can send the right message.

3. Travel unaccompanied for a first –class upgrade

Due to limited chances of having free seats in the first class section, landing yourself the prospect of first class seat is higher if you are traveling solo. When you have a travel companion, it is less likely that they will single one out and bump him/her into the first class flight.

4. Fly during peak travel times

If there are so many free seats in the economy class, it is likely they won’t be choosing anyone to get the upgrade to first class. Flights likely to oversell are those who have free upgrading to first class ready for grabs. Ensure that you book your trip at the peak travel times to achieve your goal.

5. Sacrifice your seat

If at the gate the airline agent asks if there is anyone who can skip the current flight and offer their position, be quick to do so, In exchange request to get an upgrade to first class in the next trip. Although you will deal with the delay, enjoying accommodation at lavish places at no extra cost might be worth your wait.

6. Choose an uncomfortable middle seat

Passengers who are deemed to be in uncomfortable middle seats are often tapped and offered a place at the first class. Whether you will get the awkward seat to a parent flying with an infant or a full position in the middle, remaining polite while looking uncomfortable might set you up to the coveted first class seats.


If you badly need to experience the first class for free, then you should be polite to all from the time you get to the airport. You can find a way to let the agent know that you are celebrating a special occasion. You might also get a free beverage as you enjoy your luxurious flight. Combine all the above strategies, and you may never know, you can be the next lucky traveler if there are any free first class seats to offer.